250er fuel lines and other info needed.

This catagory is to exchange information about Merc Sleds. Specifications, appearance, quirks. This is basically a catch all catagory.
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250er fuel lines and other info needed.

Post by deep snow » Sun Jan 11, 2015 5:10 am

Hello all! I have looked through most of the site and was hopeful for more info. I will let you guys know my solutions to the common problems with these sleds.
I am working on a 250 er. I was wondering what you guys are using for fuel line o-rings. Mine all need to be replaced. I was considering trying to use modern automotive fuel injection o-rings to replace the square edge rubber washers that are original to the fuel lines. I was able to find a fuel pump rebuild kit on ebay for a merc outboard. They used the same pump as the sleds for quite a few years.
I am also going to need bogie wheel tires. Any suggestions?

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